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Most Current Cumulative Time Series Charts and Statistical Summaries
for NWQL LS 2440 (LC9017)

The Time Series Charts
The charts provide OBSP recovery information for every analyte at different concentrations for every schedule OBSP assesses. The charts exhibit a Locally Weighted Scatterplot Smoothing (LOWESS) line. This line is used to help observe patterns and trends of the data over time. The time series charts also show bias and variability of the OSBP data. The most current time series charts in the table below will be overwritten periodically and will contain data that is currently being reviewed. All data is provisional and may change if the OBSP deems necessary.

There are two tables provided at the bottom of every time series chart that show statistical summaries.

Plotted Points Statistics Table
Description of the OBSP QA recoveries grouped by concentration level. The statistics in the table: mean, median, standard deviation and F-pseudosigma define bias and variability of the OBSP recoveries.

Sample Statistics Table
Counts (N) - The quantity of the variety of items.
Plotted - This number equals the total number in the above table.
Estimated Values - There are a number of reasons the laboratory will estimate (E) a result. If there are 100% of the results estimated the analyte is identified as a permanently estimated compound (analyte name in time series chart will be red).
Deleted Values - The laboratory may delete an entire sample or a single analyte for a number of reasons.
Spiked, Censored - A term for those samples that were spiked and correctly reported as less than a reporting level (possibly a raised reporting level) - the expected concentration was at a lower concentration than the censored result provided by the laboratory.
Spiked - The number of times the OBSP has submitted this analyte to the NWQL.
False Negative - The number of times the laboratory reports this analyte as not present in the sample when it is there.
Not Spiked - The number of times the OBSP has submitted a sample to the appropriate schedule, without this analyte.
False Positive - The number of times the laboratory reports this analyte as present when it is not in the sample.

The charts and data that you might secure from this U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) web page (identified as "OBSP") have not received official USGS approval and as such are provisional and subject to revision. The charts and data are released on the condition that neither the USGS nor the U.S. Government shall be held liable for any damages resulting from its authorized or unauthorized use.

Lab Schedule 2440 (LC9017) - Pharmaceutical by HPLC/MS/MS
Choose an analyte below or click here for all analytes sorted by NWQL parameter code Parameter CAS#
1,7-Dimethylxanthine (p-Xanthine) 67446LCM56 611-59-6
10-Hydroxy-amitriptyline 67995LCM56 64520-05-4
Abacavir 68022LCM56 136470-78-5
Acetaminophen 67436LCM56 103-90-2
Acyclovir 67484LCM56 59277-89-3
Albuterol 67437LCM56 18559-94-9
Alprazolam 68250LCM56 28981-97-7
Amitriptyline 67522LCM56 50-48-6
Amphetamine 67461LCM56 300-62-9
Antipyrine 67477LCM56 60-80-0
Atenolol 67502LCM56 29122-68-7
Atrazine 65065LCM56 1912-24-9
Benztropine 67997LCM56 86-13-5
Betamethasone 67485LCM56 378-44-9
Bupropion 67439LCM56 34911-55-2
Caffeine 67440LCM56 58-08-2
Carbamazepine 67441LCM56 298-46-4
Carisoprodol 67498LCM56 78-44-4
Chlorpheniramine 67497LCM56 132-22-9
Cimetidine 67442LCM56 51481-61-9
Citalopram 67505LCM56 59729-33-8
Clonidine 67518LCM56 4205-90-7
Codeine 67443LCM56 76-57-3
Cotinine 67444LCM56 486-56-6
Dehydronifedipine 67445LCM56 67035-22-7
Desmethyldiltiazem 67999LCM56 not assigned
Desvenlafaxine 68251LCM56 93413-62-8
Dextromethorphan 67468LCM56 125-71-3
Diazepam (valium) 67499LCM56 439-14-5
Diltiazem 67519LCM56 42399-41-7
Diphenhydramine 67447LCM56 147-24-0
Duloxetine 67448LCM56 116539-59-4
Erythromycin 67449LCM56 114-07-8
Ezetimibe 67487LCM56 163222-33-1
Fadrozole 68012LCM56 102676-47-1
Famotidine 68000LCM56 76824-35-6
Fenofibrate 67489LCM56 49562-28-9
Fexofenadine 67510LCM56 83799-24-0
Fluconazole 67478LCM56 86386-73-4
Fluoxetine 67450LCM56 54910-89-3
Fluticasone propionate 67529LCM56 80474-14-2
Fluvoxamine 67521LCM56 54739-18-3
Glipizide 68001LCM56 29094-61-9
Glyburide 68002LCM56 10238-21-8
Hydrocodone 67506LCM56 125-29-1
Hydrocortisone 67459LCM56 50-23-7
Hydroxyzine 68005LCM56 68-88-2
Iminostilbene 67481LCM56 256-96-2
Ketoconazole 68014LCM56 65277-42-1
Lamivudine 68018LCM56 134678-17-4
Lidocaine 67462LCM56 137-58-6
Loperamide 67515LCM56 53179-11-6
Loratadine 67488LCM56 79794-75-5
Lorazepam 67470LCM56 846-49-1
Meprobamate 67464LCM56 57-53-4
Metaxalone 67504LCM56 1665-48-1
Metformin 67492LCM56 657-24-9
Methadone 67500LCM56 76-99-3
Methocarbamol 67501LCM56 532-03-6
Methotrexate 67525LCM56 59-05-2
methyl-1H-benzotriazole 67514LCM56 29385-43-1
Metoprolol 67523LCM56 51384-51-1
Morphine 67458LCM56 57-27-2
Nadalol 68006LCM56 42200-33-9
Nevirapine 68017LCM56 129618-40-2
Nicotine 67493LCM56 54-11-5
Nizatidine 67479LCM56 76963-41-2
Nordiazepam 68252LCM56 1088-11-5
Norethindrone 67434LCM56 68-22-4
Norfluoxetine 67451LCM56 56161-73-0
Norsertraline 67532LCM56 87857-41-8
Norverapamil 68007LCM56 67018-85-3
Omeprazole + Esomprazole 67512LCM56 not assigned
Oseltamivir 67511LCM56 196618-13-0
Oxazepam 67469LCM56 604-75-1
Oxycodone 67495LCM56 76-42-6
Paroxetine 67527LCM56 61869-08-7
Penciclovir 68021LCM56 39809-25-1
Pentoxifylline 67480LCM56 6493-05-6
Phenazopyridine 68008LCM56 94-78-0
Phendimetrazine 67496LCM56 634-03-7
Phenytoin 67466LCM56 57-41-0
Piperonyl butoxide 67435LCM56 51-03-6
Prednisolone 67483LCM56 50-24-8
Prednisone 67467LCM56 53-03-2
Promethazine 67524LCM56 60-87-7
Propoxyphene 68009LCM56 469-62-5
Propranolol 67516LCM56 525-66-6
Pseudoephedrine + Ephedrine 67460LCM56 not assigned
Quinine 68011LCM56 130-95-0
Raloxifene 67530LCM56 84449-90-1
Ranitidine 67452LCM56 66357-35-5
Sertraline 67528LCM56 79617-96-2
Sitagliptin 67531LCM56 486460-32-6
Sulfadimethoxine 67503LCM56 122-11-2
Sulfamethizole 67476LCM56 144-82-1
Sulfamethoxazole 67454LCM56 723-46-6
Tamoxifen 68015LCM56 10540-29-1
Temazepam 67471LCM56 846-50-4
Theophylline 67494LCM56 58-55-9
Thiabendazole 67455LCM56 148-79-8
Tiotropium 67508LCM56 186691-13-4
Tramadol 67517LCM56 27203-92-5
Triamterene 67475LCM56 396-01-0
Trimethoprim 67456LCM56 738-70-5
Valacyclovir 67507LCM56 124832-26-4
Venlafaxine 67534LCM56 93413-69-5
Verapamil 67472LCM56 52-53-9
Warfarin 67457LCM56 81-81-2

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