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Most Current Recovery vs Concentration Charts for NWQL LS 2033

The recovery versus concentration charts provide OBSP recovery information for every analyte at different concentrations for every schedule OBSP assesses.

The black line on the chart describes the median recovery of the data.

The charts and data that you might secure from this U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) web page (identified as "OBSP") have not received official USGS approval and as such are provisional and subject to revision. The charts and data are released on the condition that neither the USGS nor the U.S. Government shall be held liable for any damages resulting from its authorized or unauthorized use.
**Lab Schedule 2033 - NAWQA ACT/ULUG Selected, Filtered Pesticides and Degradates (LS2003 plus 20 compounds)
Choose an analyte below or click here for all analytes sorted by NWQL parameter code Parameter CAS#
1-Naphthol (E) 49295GCM39 90-15-3
2,6-Diethylaniline 82660GCM35 579-66-8
2-Chloro-2,6-diethylacetanilide 61618GCM39 6967-29-9
2-Ethyl-6-methylaniline (E) 61620GCM39 24549-06-2
3,4-Dichloroaniline (E) 61625GCM39 95-76-1
3,5-Dichloroaniline 61627GCM39 626-43-7
4-Chloro-2-methylphenol (E) 61633GCM39 1570-64-5
Acetochlor 49260GCM33 34256-82-1
Alachlor 46342GCM35 15972-60-8
alpha-Endosulfan (endosulfan I) 34362GCM39 959-98-8
Atrazine 39632GCM35 1912-24-9
Azinphos-methyl (E) 82686GCM35 86-50-0
Azinphos-methyl-oxon (E) 61635GCM39 961-22-8
Benfluralin 82673GCM35 1861-40-1
Carbaryl (E) 82680GCM35 63-25-2
Carbofuran (E) 82674GCM35 1563-66-2
Chlorpyrifos 38933GCM35 2921-88-2
Chlorpyrifos, oxygen analog (E) 61636GCM39 5598-15-2
cis-Permethrin 82687GCM35 54774-45-7
cis-Propiconazole (E) - not tested by OBSP 79846GCM40 000-02-12
Cyanazine 04041GCM35 21725-46-2
Cyfluthrin (E) 61585GCM39 68359-37-5
Cyhalothrin (E) 61595GCM39 91465-08-6
Cypermethrin (E) 61586GCM39 52315-07-8
Dacthal 82682GCM35 1861-32-1
Deethylatrazine (Desethyl atrazine) (2-chloro-4-isopropylamino-6-s-triazine) CIAT (E) 04040GCM35 6190-65-4
Desulfinylfipronil 62170GCM29 000-03-08
Diazinon 39572GCM35 333-41-5
Diazinon, oxygen analog 61638GCM14 962-58-3
Dichlorovos (Dichlorvos) (E) 38775GCM39 62-73-7
Dicrotophos (E) 38454GCM39 141-66-2
Dieldrin 39381GCM35 60-57-1
Dimethoate (E) 82662GCM40 60-51-5
Disulfoton (E) 82677GCM35 298-04-4
Disulfoton sulfone 61640GCM39 2497-06-5
Endosulfan sulfate 61590GCM39 1031-07-8
EPTC 82668GCM35 759-94-4
Ethion 82346GCM40 563-12-2
Ethoprophos 82672GCM35 13994-48-4
Fenamiphos 61591GCM39 22224-92-6
Fenamiphos sulfone 61645GCM39 31972-44-8
Fenamiphos sulfoxide (E) 61646GCM39 31972-43-7
Fipronil 62166GCM29 120068-37-3
Fipronil sulfide 62167GCM29 120067-83-6
Fipronil sulfone 62168GCM29 120068-36-2
Fonofos 04095GCM35 944-22-9
Hexazinone 04025GCM39 51235-04-2
Iprodione (E) 61593GCM39 36734-19-7
Isofenphos 61594GCM39 25311-71-1
Malaoxon 61652GCM39 1634-78-2
Malathion 39532GCM35 121-75-5
Metalaxyl 61596GCM39 57837-19-1
Methidathion (Supracide) 61598GCM39 950-37-8
Metolachlor 39415GCM35 51218-45-2
Metribuzin 82630GCM35 21087-64-9
Molinate 82671GCM35 2212-67-1
Myclobutanil 61599GCM39 88671-89-0
Oxyfluorfen 61600GCM39 42874-03-3
Paraoxon-methyl (E) 61664GCM39 950-35-6
Parathion-methyl 82667GCM35 298-00-0
Pendimethalin 82683GCM35 40487-42-1
Phorate 82664GCM35 298-02-2
Phorate oxon (E) 61666GCM39 2600-69-3
Phosmet (Imidan) (E) 61601GCM39 732-11-6
Phosmet oxon (E) 61668GCM39 3735-33-9
Prometon 04037GCM35 1610-18-0
Prometryn 04036GCM39 7287-19-6
Propanil 82679GCM35 709-98-8
Propargite 82685GCM35 2312-35-8
Propyzamide (Pronamide) 82676GCM35 23950-58-5
Simazine 04035GCM35 122-34-9
Tebuconazole 62852GCM14 107534-96-3
Tebuthiuron 82670GCM35 34014-18-1
Tefluthrin (E) 61606GCM39 79538-32-2
Terbufos 82675GCM35 13071-79-9
Terbuthylazine 04022GCM39 5915-41-3
Thiobencarb 82681GCM35 28249-77-6
trans-Propiconazole (E) - Not Tested by OBSP 79847GCM40 not assigned
Tribufos (S,S,S-Tributylphosphorotrithioate) (DEF) (E) 61610GCM39 78-48-8
Trifluralin 82661GCM35 1582-09-8

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